Ways to use your DropCounts bottle

Your DropCounts bottle has a double wall and a thick bottom thus insulates your drink and protects the bottle. Plus the Neoprene sleeve adds on to the insulation and protection. Thus hot remains hot and cold remains cold for longer. The sleeve has a handle making it easy to carry the bottle.

 The bottle comes with two stainless steel strainers with fine holes - one large and one small and they can be fitted together.

Use the small strainer for fruit-infused or detox water, as anything put in the water directly with the small strainer, gets a lot of time to release its flavour into the water. the small strainer stops anything put into the water from flowing into your mouth while drinking.

The large strainer can be used as a basket for tea leaves/powder or coffee beans or anything that doesn't need to be in the water longer, meaning infusion takes place mostly when the bottle is completely filled with water or any liquid. As the water level decreases in the bottle, infusion takes place only when you drink - water gets a chance to pass through the strainers/basket for a quick infusion.

For this kind of infusion, fill the large strainer with tea leaves. coffee beans and fit both the strainers together and then insert them into the bottle.

You can make use of both types of infusion with recipes like Iced lemon tea, flavoured tea.

While you can make the best use of the strainers to try out different flavours for your drink, you can always enjoy sipping plain water by removing both the strainers and using DropCounts bottle as a water bottle.

Drinking from a glass bottle is always safe, healthy and eco-friendly rather from a plastic bottle which is toxic and not eco-friendly.

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