Why DropCounts bottle?

We understand what busy daily schedule can do to you, we all have been there. When you have too many things in your mind we tend to neglect our own health and opt for simple fast solutions. Our body is amazing in that way it tolerates quite a good amount of junk and toxins and works hard to flush trying to protect us. But we don't stop at a few times dirty eating and drinking habits and it becomes a routine.

Our body is our temple and in a way home for our soul and the organs constitute it.

Taking care of our body should be our top priority as you would have heard "Health is wealth". Needless to add that if healthy we can work towards achieving everything else that matters to us.

How and where do we start? Let's take baby steps.

Drinking water is the most essential factor for the proper functioning of our body including throwing out toxins and waste.

Various studies suggest at least an average of 2-4 litres of water in a day is required for smooth functioning and to reap from the benefits.

So first start from carrying a bottle of water with you always and everywhere.

Next, so should we carry a lightweight plastic bottle? No! drinking water from plastic has side effects. To name a few,

  • Plastic releases toxins into the water, nothing but toxins infused water is what we drink
  • Not all plastic bottles are eco-friendly or biodegradable hence litters when discarded, which we usually do after one or two uses
  • Plastic causes harm to humans and other living creatures in various ways
  • Even recyclable plastic needs a lot of energy to be recycled than the energy used for manufacturing. Hence waste of energy
  • Plastic has caused a lot of pollution and still continues to

These are very few examples of what plastic usage can cause.

If our body is our first and foremost home, our planet is the one sheltering us in a big picture, protecting and caring for all habitats and nature should be our priority too.

Having said all of that, drinking water from a reusable, durable, healthy and safe,  food-grade biodegradable glass bottle is taking one baby step. 

Just not plain water but different flavours of water to encourage drinking more water and make it relishable.

You don't have to do a lot of research and go searching for one when it is easily accessible for you, all you got to do is buy one for yourself and buy more for people you care for the wellbeing of everyone.


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