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Mission/Vision - Evangelise minimalistic lifestyle and benefits of sustainable living to fellow beings.

 I have around 6 years of technical career experience as a software engineer first and then a software developer, I kept jumping to latest technologies but kind of didn’t feel like living the 9-6 job anymore.

So here’s why and how I started DropCounts..

I always wanted to do something which would make a few people happy, where I can contribute to the welfare and have a gratifying career at the same time.

I also have the urge to give back good to the society as much as possible and to make it a better place to live.

I kept reading and watching how people become famous on YouTube, blogs, there are a lot of opportunities these days, I even started a blog LiveLifeYourStyle and my company name is also LiveLifeYourStyle under which is this brand, DropCounts.

 I wasn’t much of a social media person before but I started being active on IG and FB, and I came across influencers and liked the idea. I was greatly influenced by the power of social media, it's ability and impact, hence though of using this as a platform to propagate my views and thoughts about healthy & sustainable living and the associated benefits.

 Some of them are really doing good and leaving a positive impact on many. Now I am trying to do that by posting my travel, activities, food I eat, healthy habits, lifestyle and writeup on my Instagram and facebook profile @Shirl.LiveLifeYourStyle.

Me along with my husband have grown together practicing healthy habits one by one and have experienced amazing results that our friends and family haven't failed to notice too. First it was eating habits, then fitness, then Intermittent fasting, waking up early and such small changes has left us with a lot of evident benefits. when I became aware of sustainable living and when I read more about it, its benefits to us, the planet, I wanted to try it and make others aware of it too. At the same time I wanted to work for self and be my own boss, with a chance of spreading and doing good to the society and nature, plus a career for me.

 Who your audience is - Who are you serving, what do they care about, what other types of businesses and products are they interested in?

My target audience is all of humanity, anyone who cares, loves, respects and wants to protect themselves, their loved ones, other living creatures, nature, this planet is a potential audience. My products will help them take a baby step towards their interest as the products are useful in our daily lives and by using eco-friendly products we are doing our bit to save nature and all it’s creatures.

The world needs help now and people who are busy with the 9-6 lifestyle, or working for 10 or more hours a day which I was part of too, simply don’t have time to find what’s best for them and the planet, they just pick what is easily accessible to them on the go.. But if healthy good things are made accessible and if awareness is created it is possible to grab some attention.

What you do

I sell sustainable eco-friendly products, to begin with I have only one product which is a double walled glass infuser bottle. I will have more sustainable products or probably other businesses in the future which will emphasise on the benefits of sustainable healthy living.

Where you came from - What challenges or progress have you experienced along the way as your e-commerce business has evolved?

I am a one woman army, which means I have done all the work myself, be it designing/choosing a product, research, marketing and advertising, administration, website building and maintenance, managing sales, anything and everything is done by me, DropCounts is my first baby and i am taking care of it all by myself!

It isn't easy as I have no experience in this field and the internet is my mentor, so I spend a-lot of time researching, making notes, finding details and then more research on implementing. Every step is a learning and thats how it has evolved and yes I love all phases of this evolution.

Where you’re going – What are your goals for your business, where do you want to take it?

 I wish to make this world a better place to live whilst preserving our nature and improving our lifestyles. There are many products out there which are not just harmful to other beings but to humans as well, I have always strived to improve my living style with natural products, being minimalist, eating natural and healthy and I want to spread the same to make more people aware of this and the associated benefits. Practicing a healthy and sustainable  is not very difficult rather enjoyable and is a good positive feeling. All it takes is few better and healthier choices for the better of self and fellow beings along with the planet.

Having said that I have my personal goals of growing not just here but different other businesses in the fitness, nutrition and fashion industry all under one company - LiveLifeYourStyle with different brands. DropCounts being the first (Second actually as I have a blog LiveLifeYourStyle which needs a-lot of work and is sitting idle). I am in my early 30s and have a far way is my hope!

Why it matters

 It matters as we all know the situation the world is in today be it in terms of pollution, fast pace lifestyle and other issues. It’s now that we have to act, take small steps that count which will grow bigger and better for a better place and lifestyle to live in for our children and many generations to come. 

We are in this world for a finite time, my motto is everyone is born for a reason and not just to live casually and die one day, our life becomes meaningless then. So while we are here we need to thrive to figure out what good we can do in our own possible way and leave peacefully after making a positive mark. It's never late!

What makes you and your products different

 My products will all be eco-friendly, sustainable, healthy, working towards a goal - Sustainable healthy minimalist positive living of not just self but the whole planet and to make and leave this world a better place for the future generations too.